How to Switch a Bluetooth Keyboard Between Mac and iPad

Ok, so you are the owner of an Apple Bluetooth keyboard which is already connected to your iMac, MacPro, Mac Mini or the like, and you now want to be able to pair and use the keyboard with your shiny new iPad.  You might have noticed that if you power cycle the keyboard it will always re-pair with the Mac,… Read more »

Wired Magazine iPad App: Is this the future?

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Apple iPad showing Wired Magazine Cover

Ok, so I got suckered into downloading the Wired Magazine App for the iPad.  What with the reports of 24,000 downloads, golly this must be good I thought, and of course wanting to play with my iPad and get bragging rights with my friends.  But are you serious?  This piece says it all, so I won’t repeat it: Is This… Read more »

MacPro Not Providing Sufficient Power Over USB to Charge iPad

I’ve got a 2008 MacPro, and this causes a problem with the charging of the device when connected to sync.  The iPad reports ‘not charging’ next to the battery status.  Apple document the problem here, which is basically that none of the USB ports on my MacPro provide sufficient power.  I can’t easily identify a third-party USB self-powered Hub that… Read more »

iPad Delivered in the UK, First Impressions

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This post relates to the release of the original iPad in May 2010. Click here for details of the delivery of the iPad mini in November 2012. At last!  After what seems like a wait of forever, the iPad has arrived, and a day early at that!  Thank you Apple, a nice touch (or maybe representative of the number of… Read more »

iPads Arriving One Day Early in UK

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Apple iPad, deliveries coming 1 day early

I’m here with fingers crossed, but it looks like the iPad deliveries in the UK are starting to arrive early.  Tracking status for my order now shows ‘out for delivery’, and there are several tweets reporting the same and some reporting actual deliveries.  My UPS driver usually delivers mid to late morning, so expecting something to turn up before lunch… Read more »

How do you Manage Redraw in UITableView?

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I’m kind of stuck on this one, and hoping that someone can lend a hand.  I just can’t quite figure out how I’m supposed to manage the redraw of UITableViewCell‘s in a UITableView.  Going in and out of Editing mode I need to refresh the section footers (as per this post on a problem reordering cells into empty sections), but… Read more »

Naming Conventions for Instance Variables and Properties

Here is some information that you might find useful on how to name various elements of your code, which hopefully will allow greater clarity in your projects and understanding of Objective-C.  I’ve not come across this information anywhere else, just what I’ve gleaned from various places within the Apple documentation.  It took me a while to get my head around… Read more »

Moving UITableViewCell between Sections in Grouped UITableView

UITableView contains the necessary logic to allow movement of cells (or rows) between sections in a grouped UITableView, but there appears to be a bug that prevents you from moving a row into an empty section.  There is however a workaround! The Problem Figure 1 shows how the view might appear.  Section 1 has two rows, and section 2 has… Read more »

Adding Convenience Methods to NSFetchedResultsController via Categories

One really useful feature of Objective-C is the ability to extend an existing class without the need to sub-class via inheritance.  This means that existing code can stay in place whilst additional functionality is added for the convenience of future maintenance. Categories is the feature that makes this possible.  In effect, this says to the compiler, ‘add on these methods… Read more »