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Scottish cycling advert banned over ‘no helmet’ (via BBC News)

See update at bottom of post. The ASA said showing a rider without a helmet could encourage behaviour “prejudicial to health and safety” A television advert promoting safe cycling has been banned for showing a rider without a helmet. The advert, part of a campaign by Cycling Scotland, seeks to encourage drivers to give cyclists the same space and care… Read more »


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The town of Noto is renowned for its Baroque architecture, although not alone on this western side of Sicily. The earthquake of 1693 devastated most of the habitable parts of western Sicily, and whilst people were obviously happy to rebuild, they did so in the style of the day. As a result, Catania and the much smaller Noto are peppered… Read more »

Microadventures – When Macroadventures Don’t Come Soon Enough

We are itching to get away to milder, or at least more adventurous climbs, but are resigned now to the fact its not going to happen this side of the New Year. Meanwhile, I found this post about Microadventures that got me thinking. Perhaps I don’t need a grand adventure, or at least don’t need to fret about delaying it a little, if I can find simpler ways of finding an adventure closer to home.

Bike Ride in the New Forest

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A bit slow in updates here, partly caused by problems with iOS 6 on the iPhone not transferring images via Photo Stream when I wanted them to. Sort it out now, and so here are some images from weekend before last, when Mel and I took the motorhome to Romsey in Hampshire for a few days as she had an… Read more »

Cycling the Tarka Trail, North Devon

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Mel and I spent the weekend in Great Torrington, North Devon, as she was taking part in an exhibition there. We took the motorhome again (we are starting to get a good bit of use out of it, now that we are starting to get itchy feet as the winter approaches) and packed in the bikes alongside the sculptures. As… Read more »

A Very Happy Birthday

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Well, it has in fact been a very fine day for a birthday. Despite intermittent rain showers before departure, we were blessed with a dry day, some sunshine here and there (mostly whilst slogging up the hills) and a very warm and pleasant breeze. The route went pretty much as planned, a light lunch and a pint at the Forresters… Read more »

Inevitable Downpour for a National Holiday, but not all bad

Well the Jubilee weekend turned out to be the par for the course pisser that pretty much sums up a British summer, although we did get one rather good day on Monday when the clouds moved far enough inland from the Bude coast to allow us to get out on the bikes and enjoy the sunshine. A short jaunt into… Read more »

Cycling Around Paloma Alta, Betis and Sierra de Fates

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A trig point, Palomo Alta near Tarifa

Getting back on the bike after what seems like an age, then encountering more than my fair share of dead ends and no entry roads, some very rough stuff, cows, horses and donkeys, mad men with guns – it all makes for an excellent day out.

Twitching at Las Lagunas de Campillos, Andalusia

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We weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition – sorry, I meant to say cold. For some reason, despite having left the mountains, last night was a rather cold one. The neighbours said they measured -3 degrees, but we had the electric heater running all night and by morning it was feeling pretty darn cold. I don’t think we left a door… Read more »