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Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire

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Greetings from Lincolnshire. Returning after a gap of a year, Mel is exhibiting again at the summer exhibition in the garden. A good standard of work here this year, better organised than last so here’s hoping to a productive month. Always a pleasure to come here, a lovely venue and the farm shop, cafe and restaurant are always a highlight…. Read more »

There is an Upside to Not Having a Garden of Your Own

It’s something that I’ve been saying for the last couple of weeks, how nice it is to not have to cut the grass now that we are living full time in the Motorhome. You get to change the scenery on a regular basis, the grass outside the door is often freshly cut, and sometimes even immaculately manicured. The last few… Read more »

What’s Mel Been Working On?

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Mel has been doing quite a bit of sculpture work whilst we’ve been travelling, and here is an image of one piece, taken on the beach on the Costa Tropical. There are a number of other pieces but I don’t have the images to hand at the moment. I will endeavour to post some more shortly. As Mel is returning… Read more »