There is an Upside to Not Having a Garden of Your Own

It’s something that I’ve been saying for the last couple of weeks, how nice it is to not have to cut the grass now that we are living full time in the Motorhome. You get to change the scenery on a regular basis, the grass outside the door is often freshly cut, and sometimes even immaculately manicured.

The last few days at Home Farm in Watchet were nice, even though there wasn’t much grass right outside the door, there was a pleasant order to the place, and the beach was the real treat. We’ve now moved north, just short of Birmingham to Coughton Court to setup an exhibition, part of a month long sculpture garden. [Coughton Court]( has been the home of the Throckmorton family since 1409, and is now operated by the National Trust. That first picture of the front of the house is what we are enjoying out of the Motorhome windows, as we are parked on the drive for the night.

The gardens were closed today, so we were left in peace to install the work, and then had the ability to wander the extensive grounds into the evening. I had a cheeky thought to cook supper and setup the table in the middle of the lawns, enjoying a glass of wine, but as the house is still lived in, thought that might have been taking liberties! We instead watched the sun setting, on what has been the hottest day of the year, whilst enjoying supper and a film.

Overnight we had thunderstorms, the rain welcome as you can see the grass and gardens are suffering from the prolonged dry spell. The forecast beyond today seems to have improved and there should still be plenty of settled weather ahead. This afternoon we have to move again to Newark to install yet more work in another sculpture garden, and then we are heading for the Peak District for a couple of days. Lets hope the weather is good enough for a good romp across the moors.

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