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Skiing St. Anton Style

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Finally the clouds parted, the sun shone, and the snow delivered a lovely afternoon of winter sports fun. I wouldn’t say St. Anton provides the best skiing in the world, but it was certainly good enough for an afternoon of piste bashing. The lower slopes, even with the fresh dusting are now trashed. I got caught out on a black… Read more »

A Winter Wonderland

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It snowed continuously for 36 hours, but the reward was one of the prettiest views we’ve ever had out the bedroom window. Not a huge amount of snow overall, maybe 3-4 inches in the valley, but it looks like it’s topped up the slopes nicely, so will need to go and investigate. Some pictures of those stakes I mentioned, up… Read more »

St. Anton

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After dropping Sarah and Angus off at the airport in Innsbruck, we headed west along the valley towards Switzerland. We’ve found a campsite a couple of miles from St. Anton. We need to sit out a couple of days of bad weather which hopefully should top up the snow. We’ll then be able to get the ski bus into town… Read more »