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Stone Stacks and Sunsets

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I thought I’d share with you some of the creative stone stacks that people have created on the beach near the campsite. These have been here for all the time we’ve been here, although some smaller ones come and go and these get embellished slightly as the days go past, including by me as I walk past. I enjoy coming… Read more »

Another Gorge, Windy Weather and Gorgeous Sunsets

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We are slowly but surely moving around the coast. Slight turn in the weather, rain last night and pretty windy too for 24 house, which has whipped up the seas quite a treat. We went via Ispica, another Baroque influenced town, but more noted for its gorge which has been home for thousands of years to some, who carved out… Read more »

Wildcamping Gives You The Perfect Sunset and Sunrise

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Leaving Seville yesterday took longer than we’d anticipated, getting stuck in slow moving traffic as we rounded the city. Not one of TomTom’s finer hours. We chose the route north through Extramadura, keeping to the Autovia which meant we missed most of the best scenery but it was still interesting nonetheless. We cut across country to reach a campsite that… Read more »

The End of The World is Nigh

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All day we’ve had some pretty spectacular skies. It’s been cloudier than normal although still warm, around 20 degrees. The local mountains seem adept at creating lenticular clouds and we’ve had a few of them mixed in today with the rest. The picture is the remnants of an earlier Lenticular formation. The sunset was both spectacular, and foreboding. Our German… Read more »

Sunsets and Tossers

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Well here’s another one of those lovely sunsets. I had intended for the man in the bottom left hand corner to be there for scale and interest – he was fishing – but as I took the shot he adopted a position that in my feverish state of excitement this evening seems to suggest he was ‘cracking one off’ but… Read more »

Oh Look, Another Lovely Sunset

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I’m sure it something to do with the uninterrupted view to the horizon (except maybe the clouds to add drama), but this stretch of coast is capable of producing some stunning sunsets. We found a spot to park after deciding that the nearby Aire was too in the woods, and were intending to carry on futher, but stumbled across a… Read more »