Oh Look, Another Lovely Sunset

[![](http://davemeehan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/photo24-645×481.jpg “”)](http://davemeehan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/photo24.jpg “”)

I’m sure it something to do with the uninterrupted view to the horizon (except maybe the clouds to add drama), but this stretch of coast is capable of producing some stunning sunsets. We found a spot to park after deciding that the nearby Aire was too in the woods, and were intending to carry on futher, but stumbled across a few other vans in what appears to be the parking area of the town footy ground. They all seemed set for the night, and no obvious prohibition of overnight camping, so we decided to stop here and take in the sunset.

Some lovely rollers coming in off the Atlantic, spray leaping up but some distance from the beach, but drama nonetheless. Mr Holmes was right in his text to me yesterday, there would be some great surfing down this bit of coast.

I think we’ve now decided to stick with the coast as far as Biarritz as the weather looks fine for the remainder of the week. Tomorrow we may well see if we can relocate to a campsite with services for at least a couple of days, and see if we can soak up some rays. I think I managed to catch the sun today wandering around on that dune – must have been the altitude!

4 thoughts on “Oh Look, Another Lovely Sunset

  1. Great snaps Dave. I enjoyed the shot of Eurovelo 1. When you pass through Biarritz and on to St Jean de Luz look west towards the Pyrenees. The bike ride to the Med is fantastic. i did it over 12 days though some nutters do it in four. It’s known as The Raid.

    1. Thanks Alan. At the moment the plan looks like to go south to Biarritz, then he’d along the northern side of the Pyrenees with detours into the mountains if the weather permits. We’ll either head all the w across tote Med or cut through into northern Spain, depending of how we feel we are doing and to get the best of th weather.

  2. Dave and Mel
    Didnt think I’d ever comment, but looking at the stunning sunsets inspires me to!!
    Beard looks a bit straggly, but on your own at the moment as no others to talk of in village.
    Keeping an aye on your house on nightly dog walks.
    Looking forward to some snaps of more beautiful women!!!!!

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