How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

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817 thoughts on “How to Reset an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse or Trackpad (Troubleshooting Pairing and Other Common Problems)

  1. My A1314 keyboard was working just fine and now it won’t connect to my Mac. The keyboard turns on and flashes green to signal the Bluetooth search. (Batteries have been replaced) Never connects-but I need to type in my password to get to any type of menu.

    Feeling trapped.

  2. My bluetooth keyboard is older – and it will try to connect – even presenting the 6 challenge numbers but it wont type the numbers or the return and just times out of the attempted connection.

    1. Make sure you have followed the instructions on the reset trick (holding the power button) and you are using fresh alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable). You can also try attempting connection to another device (iPhone for example) just to prove whether the keys actually work.

      Make sure that you unpair from that other device after testing to avoid conflicts.

  3. Hi Mr. Dave, I really appreciated your publish. I had issue with keyboard Connection. And it solved when I followed your procedure.

  4. Brilliant! Worked like a treat.

    Thank you so much, Dave. I was on the phone to Applecare and the senior technician wasn’t able to help me. This, although it didn’t work straight away, did eventually work and I’m back in business. YAY!

    I have an older magic keyboard, the one you mentioned with the power button on the right side.

    My internal microphone no longer works since the battery was replaced last week, so we were actually troubleshooting that issue. I noticed after being instructed to do a PRAM and SMC Reset, my magic keyboard no longer worked.

    Very long story short (and about 4 hours gone) I came across your article. The trick for me was holding the on-button down the whole time. After my mac had trouble finding the device, this trick helped find the keyboard very quickly. Although it didn’t work straight away, I tried it another 2 or 3 times and eventually, the pairing numbers came up. My keyboard paired immediately after I entered them.

    Thank you again.

    Insert massive sigh of relief and a happy dance!

    Smiles Jules from Australia

  5. 45 – minutes chi to Apple – tits on a bull. Your advice solved my bluetooth-iMac issues quickly, thank you very much

  6. Hi,

    I have the 2011 wireless Apple keyboard. When I press the power button I have a green light next to it and the caps lock lights up and after about 3 seconds it slowly dies down and goes off.

  7. My bluetooth keyboard (older version) suddenly was not being found when I turned on my iMac. Followed the suggestion in the post to hold the power on button and hey presto! I was asked to enter a pairing code and we’re back in business! Thanks!

  8. i do have three A1314 Keyboards, one is working (No issues, works fine), i am using rechargeable batteries. My issue is those other two keybs, are not working. Do not know why. I reset the keyboard, the computer, each time, and those two keybs, still without work. I try with a Windows Laptop and did not work. Also, with a iPhone 8 and the same. Do not not what to Do.. please advice.. kind regards,

  9. THANK YOU! You just ended 45 mins of swearing and throwing stuff! Keyboard works perfectly well now, ecxept for od spilling erras.

  10. i gave the keyboard the old nintendo trick. i used an pencil (eraser) to clean the battery terminal and blew it out a few times. it worked!

  11. Thank you for this – the holding down of the keyboard power button was what did the trick and I haven’t seen this anywhere else.

  12. Thanks my friend! Very intuitive and detailed solution to my problem. Both my old Magic Trackpad and Keyboard, work like a charm!

  13. Thanks for this, it helped me pair my older 2011 wireless keyboard and trackpad with a newer iMac at setup where I couldn’t go to settings.

  14. The sure way to connect a Bluetooth Apple keyboard: – Add device – Bluetooth – Keyboard – Using the on-screen keyboard, a wired keyboard or a remote session, In the input box type any four digits and press connect – Immediately type the same four digits on the Bluetooth keyboard and press Enter The pairing process will start!

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