Sherborne Abbey

A Well Earned Lunchtime Beer

A Charming Manor House Nestled Amongst Rolling Hills

A Panoramic View from Poyntington Hill

Another weekend away, this time for an Art and Craft Exhibition at Sherborne Castle. Not very inspiring from Mels point of view, stuck in a marquee for the best part of the day with punters unwilling to part with much in the way of cash. Probably not the right sort of event really for her work, but always worth a try.

Meanwhile I managed to get out for some exercise. Saturday I mooched around the town and then took a 5-6 mile walk out to the east of the town back to the castle. Sunday I got the bike out and cycled up NCR 26 to Castle Cary and back. Had an ok lunch in the White Hart in Castle Cary, and then found a lovely pub in Corton Denham for a mid afternoon pint. Most people were out in the garden so I pretty much had the a to myself. Lovely atmosphere.

Monday was time for another walk, and retraced part of the bike ride via the nearest footpaths back to Sandford Orcas. Another pub lunch made more entertaining by a couple of old farts in the bar. The walk back via Poyntington Hill was spectacular.

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