A Desire to Write

A couple of months back I started a separate project called ‘[A Desire to Write](http://adesiretowrite.com)’. It was meant to be a way of dumping out writing ideas, and writing for the fun of it. Not that I exactly take this site seriously, but I was likely to wander off topic (because I’m normally so focussed here – not). So I decided to put it elsewhere and see where it went.

Well the answer is that it came to a fairly abrupt halt. That was probably because about that time I started doing some software development again and that’s usually the death of anything else. You’ll notice I’ve not really been walking since either, apart from a few evening wanders with friends, but nothing too strenuous. I need to put that right too.

But its about time the writing saw the light of day as it currently gets no traffic due to the somewhat obscure topics. I may move it here someday, and I may add to it where it is, but for the time being, you get to take a look.

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