Setting Sail for Foreign Lands

We’ll, here we are again, waiting for a ferry to take us to faraway lands. This time, a 26 hour voyage to Santander in Northern Spain. The weather looks fine at the moment, but there is a force 5-6 forecast for the crossing so it should get quite interesting. No doubt no internet on board so radio silence should be expected until Wednesday evening.

See you on the other side!

4 thoughts on “Setting Sail for Foreign Lands

  1. You both take care of yourselves.
    Weather in Dubai is nice – high 20s. So a contrast to those Med storms that are causing grief at the moment.
    Hang on tight.

  2. Well, youre away. I was about to mail you to see if youd left yet and whether youd decided on a destination, or two.
    I guess youve checked forecasts to help with the decision and does this mean that Italy/sicily will have to wait?
    Anyway, you will enjoy Spain and i hope the crossing is Ok. Ours, last December was like a millpond!
    Take care, both, will keep in touch.

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