A Nice Day in Annecy

A lovely day again today, blue skies and warm sunshine. The legs were still a bit tired this morning for both of us, so rather than ski, we decided that a trip out in the car to Annecy would be a good move. It’s a lovely drive across the mountains (assuming the Col du Aravis is open, which it was), a stop at the Col for coffee and to enjoy the view, then down through Les Gittaz and on into Annecy.

We walked around the old town for a while, found a nice little restaurant with tables outside in the sun, and enjoyed a nice lunch with a pichet of red wine. Fascinating time people watching as they walked past. The French appear in large part to have lost their style, either that or there was a bus load in from one of the more unsavoury parts of the UK. Odd shapes and ill fitting clothes a plenty! Didn’t spoil the lunch though, just added to the entertainment. Or maybe that was the wine!

We then went for a stroll along the lake for maybe a mile, then back again, and ventured off into the newer part of town for a mooch around some of the shops. Some nice clothing perused but not purchased, although actually I thought the prices were pretty good.

Apologies for any hiatus in posting the last couple of days, the blog was not processing the incoming posts and I hadn’t realised. Will keep a closer eye on things!

A little rain in St. Gervais on our return which was not forecast. Mt. blank had disappeared in the clouds so perhaps there is some fresh snow on higher ground. Will probably try Flaine again tomorrow, but will wait for the morning to see what the weather brings.

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