Back from Hols, But No Time to Write

Ok, so we got back from holidays on Friday evening, but I’ve barely had a chance to write anything. Too much socialising, and off we go again!

The big post-holiday news is that Paleo + exercise does the trick. I’ve lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks and as a result have hit my target weight of 12 stones (76 kg). Absolutely marvellous! I can now go out and treat myself to a new bike for the June ride (which he secretly wanted all along ha-ha!).

Major wardrobe malfunction on my return. Having gone down two belt sizes, none of the trousers fit any more. It’s like one of those Weightwatchers before/after pictures. They just about work if I put on a belt and hide the pleating of the waste band with a jumper. I think a new wardrobe is going to be needed for the summer. Slim fit shirts now look spare. Now looking buff in tighter clothing, if I do say so myself! I’ll share real before and after pictures after 90 days – I bet you can’t wait!

I did succeed with the March challenge, which was to come up with 20 ideas. Some were ‘big picture’ problems, others definitely workable business ideas for myself, so very pleased. Now having trouble deciding which ones to pursue. Also having trouble writing a synopsis before I forget what some of them are about! Will try to complete that over the weekend.

The mini-challenge, to do 50 press ups in a set, and 100 in a session was a partial failure/success. 35 was the best I could manage in a set, I seemed to hit a plateau and couldn’t get past it without tempting injury. But 100 in a session was doable, so a mini-success. First night back to the gym showed a slight drop in overall performance, and suffering for it 2 days later, so will need to ease myself back in next week. Will also look to change strategy on weight training.

April is going to be a little devoid of a major challenge, there are so many things going on all of a sudden I’m not sure where to start. I’m working on perfecting steak, and this might become a major challenge shortly. I also attempting to end my lifelong habit of chewing my finger nails using will power alone. Not sure it’s going to be easy, but worth a try. Plus there is preparing for the June cycle trip, which almost certainly entails a new bike, which needs sorting quickly so that I can get it run in and snagged before I need it in earnest.

Now off for a weekend away with the cousins-in-law (is that possible?) and the weather looks promising. Expecting to get over 50 miles in, so should help with the fitness! See you when I’m thinner!

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