Brandon Head, Dingle (again) and Tralee

Forecast – rain. Actuals – not bad. After rising from our very comfortable slumber overlooking the beach, the sound of waves lapping on one side and cows mooing on the other, we set off to complete the Slea Head drive. Some nice views, but the overcast nature of the weather meant it was not very photogenic.

We settled for a leisurely drive, hoping out every now to admire the view. On highlight was Brandon Head, where in the 6th century a monk set off in a rowing boat and discovered America, and wrote about it on his return. Someone recreated the journey in the 1970’s just to prove that it was possible. So Columbus was only about 1000 years behind the Irish. There’s a boat moored in the bay, which took to represent the fabled boat. Looks the part anyway.

We settled on Tralee for the night. In fact, it’ll probably be two, as we are suffering from touring fatigue. Too many days in a row with constant moving gets to be a bit wearing, so a day or two off to rejuvenate is a good plan. Might even get some work done then.

We wandered into town, only about half a mile away, and the park contains a rose garden to memorialise The Rose of Tralee (there’s and song and a back story to it, if you care to look it up).

Reputedly the second largest rose garden in Ireland, and many still in bloom at this time of year. Quite nice.

There’s a little sculpture garden, and the bowl shaped thing in the picture depicts a legendary chalice that brought abundance and plenty. Except this one only features a drinking fountain. It actually said that only the plaque next to it. Made me chuckle.

I continued with the plan to keep Guinness in business, with a swift pint in a trendy little bar in town, before we headed back to camp before the rain arrived. Still not terribly wet though. Yet.

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