Well, very little to report today. Rain this morning meant we were happy to be consigned to barracks and get on with some work. It brightened up in the afternoon, so we set off for the retail park for a bit of retail therapy. All we managed was a coffee and a new external hard drive, as mine is starting to get a bit ropey. Nothing there worthy of a photo I’m afraid.

The intention is to move off again in the morning, and continue with the Wild Atlantic Way.

One thing I’d like to bring to your attention, as it has come to mine, is the way the Irish seem to like to keep their homes and gardens. Very often you see a neatly presented house, old or new, in a plot of land devoid of plants with the exception of some mown grass. Barely a shrub in sight. Quite often a low block or stone wall marking out the perimeter. Now I’d assume that many of these are holiday homes, the garden designed to be as low maintenance as possible, save for a little mowing, which presumably is easy to contract out. But there seems to be rather too many of them, it’s more like its a cultural difference and people are just not as interested in gardening and plants as we are in the UK. Or it’s a deliberate style that people adopt.

This is perplexing me a little at the moment. If you know the real reason or just want to speculate, feel free to comment!

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