Dead Foxes, Spring Cleaning, Death By Chocolate and Guinness

So here’s the roundup to yesterday. Any absolutely gorgeous bit of evening sunshine. I sorted out the laundry, and Mel took it upon herself to give the van a delousing. There seemed to be an unnecessary number of cobwebs about the place, probably just that time of year.

Whilst out on our walk, we same across the slightly macabre and distinctly smelly sight of a dead fox draped over a gate post. Really not sure the purpose of it, whether to somehow ward off other foxes lest the suffer the same fate, or just to get up the noses of the tourists.

The pub atmosphere was great. A nice hearty bowl of Irish stew for me, and Fish Chowder for Mel. We then decided that a pudding was necessary, and went for the Death by Chocolate Sundae Icecream, which we had to check was kosher and not some out of the tub ice cream concoction. They assured us it was, and it tasted ok, but lacked a little in the presentation. A chocolate brownie wedged in a glass along with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce. And cocoa dusting.

But it hit the spot, as did the Guinness, and we ended up in a nice conversation with a couple from America, although he was originally from Leeds. They owned a house there in the village of Caherdaniel, but only visited for a few weeks a year. But close to retirement, and looking forward to spending quality leisure time there.

There was some lively music too, a definite Irish influence but a mixture of old and new, folk, pop and rock all mixed together, and several people taking it in turns to make a contribution. And a good turnout to watch, especially for a school night. Some looked distinctly like they wouldn’t be getting up without a sore head

A most convivial way to spend the evening.

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