What a lovely peaceful night that was at Garinish. Beautifully calm this morning, just a couple of early fishing boats puttering out to break the surface of the water.

We headed into the village of Sneem, which is obviously a stopping off point for those on coach tours of the Ring of Kerry. It was peaceful at 10am, shopkeepers restocking shelves and hearing themselves up, and by lunch time it was home to a regular stream of coaches and grey haireds tottering about on walking sticks. Oh, and a bloke with a billy goat and a bucket walking up the main street. Not sure which end of the goat the bucket was for.

In the intervening couple of hours, we headed out on a walk, locally signposted as the Fermoyle Loop, that lead out of town on a small single track road into the hills, then a bit of field and bog hopping to link back with another similar road to bring you back to town. It didn’t go far up into the hills, but the bigger ones created a nice back drop to proceedings, and the view back down across the town and the Kenmare Bay was lovely. Rounded off nicely by the most wonderful sunny day, as you can probably tell by the healthy glow on our faces.

The statue is of a wrestler. This is not the first one of these we’ve seen, different person in each town, but obviously it is, or once was, a big thing. To be celebrated. Unfortunately they all seem to have the same pose, which I’m sure is meant to look tough, but to me looks like a bloke in his pants trying to stifle a fart. But perhaps that’s to be celebrated.

And the days not over yet. We are on a campsite tonight, which means a trip to the pub is likely, as there is no risk of needing to drive anywhere after.

Oh, and a top campsite, we are perched right on the edge of the sea!

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