Farindola – Day Whatever

It’s official, we’ve now entered the zone. The one where it all feels like it’s always been this way. So much so that some people are starting to look at the empty properties and wondering how to make this more permanent.

Not us I hasten to add, but we would consider a longer residency at a slightly more temperate time of the year to get better acquainted. I feel like I’ve missed out on some great walking opportunities, but realistically, this is not the best time of the year for a 20 mile hill walk.

The rhythm has become, for me at least, early sun bathing, reading, working, lunch, reading and riposo, working, evening meal. Sometime a walk gets fitted in, sometimes not. There is often wine, but not till the sun has passed the yard arm.

One could get used to this, but I suspect productivity would follow an exponential curve to nil, possibly lower.

We visited the swimming pool last evening, I only spectated as I’d gone into town without the budgie smugglers, but enjoyed sitting watching the views of the mountains. Nice girl.

There was a risk of life modelling, but you know what artists are like. Can’t always be arsed to paint an arse. So there may or may not be something happening later today. I may end up doing a selfie, just so my eager audience doesn’t miss out completely.

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