Farindola – May the Party Begin

The afternoon played host to a short but sharp thunderstorm, the first bolt landing not that far from the accommodation and setting the air alight, followed by big, fat, juicy rain that created a deluge and rivers in minutes. Gladly by the time of the festivities, it had passed, although we got to watch it fade into the distance out across the Adriatic.

And so the festivities begin. Five nights of eating and drinking, with the artists to be on hand in their makeshift studios.

Only trouble is, most people seem to be only interested in the eating and drinking. Only a few were brave or quizzical enough to cross the threshold and take a look at the art.

There was a roving folk band, accordion, drums, guitar, knocking out some jolly little tunes that you can help bit tap your foot too.

Food stalls scattered through the town, plus local produce and nicnacs. I have to say I’m finding the food underwhelming. Deep fried seems to be the plat du jour. I thought you couldn’t go wrong with Italian pizza, but apparently you can deep fry them, which frankly is not an improvement. The Gelato was quite agreeable, at least that hadn’t been deep fried.

Mel is now sharing with collage artist Karen Stamper in a disused house in the old town. There are many tumbling down old houses here, mostly abandoned in favour of the more accessible newer part of the town. Cheap, if you fancy a renovation project. Lighting is a bit of an issue as the houses are disconnected, so some makeshift wiring off the street lamps has been arranged. Plus judicious use of three way adapters that would make the hair on your average health and safety bod stand on end (and anyone in the vicinity too).

Mels found time to make three sculptures so far, although the tall girl is still to be finished. Today the artists are stationed on a route across the countryside, as the hoards take part in the walk and eat championships, a 2-3 mile perambulation starting at 7:30am with food and drink along the way, followed by a big meal in the town, should you be so in need. It explains the stature of many of the people in the town last night at least.

There must have been a thousand visiting last night, and apparently they expect much the same on each night.

Today we appear to have returned to the Lake District, with low cloud enveloping the hills. So much for the sunbathing. And a walk, whilst good exercise, won’t really be very scenic.

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