Farindola – That’s all folks

And so it ends. After just over two weeks in Farindola, it’s time to leave. The last night was subdued, some of our fellow artists had already departed, but those left over made the most of the last night of the Pecorino e Pecorini festival. Yes another band played but few were dancing, although we all had at least itchy feet.

We are going to miss the place, such was the warm welcome. Let’s hope that this inaugural Farindola International Arts Festival has established the idea in the local community, and it moves onto bigger and better things. Thank you to Helen and Paul for keeping the smiles going throughout, and to Ilario and Gianluca helping to make things go smoothly. Also a big thanks to the army of younger members of the community who dragged themselves away from partying till 5am every night to run around for us and give us lifts whenever they found us walking to and from the town.

Lots of happy memories, we won’t forget you!

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