Farindola – you blew us away

Our last day, Mel packing away and tidying the temporary studio, I managed a last morning of sunbathing. We headed to the swimming pool for a quick dip, whilst storm clouds built of the hills. A quick dash into town, a local we’d not met before gave us a lift to save getting wet, and we made it into Bar Fortuna just in time to see the wall of water make it’s way down the Val D’Angri (now we see why it’s so named). From calm sunshine go the middle is a tempest, the wind whipped around and everyone scrambled to close shutters and bottom down hatches.

It only lasted about 20 minutes, although it seemed to swirl around again, fierce winds whipping the trees into mad shapes and blowing all the water out of the fountain.

I’d done washing and left it out at the house, a pointless exercise as by the time we returned it was all soaked, despite being undercover. Oh well.

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