Fenit, Banna Strand, Kerry Head and The Mouth of the Shannon

A little late getting going the morning, despite the bright sunshine. Trying to take advantage of the free wifi on the campsite. It was gone 11am before we were on the road

Following the coast around the edge of Tralee Bay, we stopped at Fenit with a busy little harbour. There were a dozen or so small day fishers out in the bay, seemingly all vying for pole position to get the best catch. Anglers lined the harbour wall, a bit of good humoured sport amongst them.

At the end of the harbour stood St. Brandon, the monk I mentioned a couple of days ago who discovered America before it was the fashionable thing to do. A very imposing statue, surrounded by various artefacts from Iron Age or before. All seemingly sponsored by the EU as part of some development fund.

In the harbour, towering over the fishing boats a large cargo ship, not the massive sort but something mid-sized. A large metal gantry, a few hundred tonnes I should think, being worked on, although not clear if it was coming or going from the ship, or what it might have been destined for.

Moving swiftly on to get out the wind, we stopped a little further on at Banna Strand for lunch, and Mel went off for a walk and a paddle whilst I got some work done.

The next stretch was plagued by Irish traffic jams, as the cows were moved from pasture to parlour. But there’s no hurry.

Our resting place tonight is in a beach side car park at Kilmore, where there is a beach side cemetery, although lacking in headstones. Do you think the plaque is designed to drum up more business?

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