Kenmare, and Another Garinish

Last nights wild camp turned out to be idyllic. This morning saw a beautiful sunrise and moonrise combined. And the day turned out to be a corker on the weather front.

But despite waiting for ideal weather conditions for a decent walk, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and do what feels right at the time, and it seems neither of us were champing at the bit for a romp. We managed a short walk up a hill this morning to see the ‘Mass Rock’, which was underwhelming. Turned out to be a crucifix and a plaque, not the huge boulder we expected.

A little further along the bay we found a beautiful picnic area and stopped for a morning cuppa, and enjoyed a nice chat with a couple from Oklahoma who were rather envious of our lifestyle.

Lunch was spent overlooking Kenmare Harbour, and after we walked into town for a mooch around the shops, and several art galleries. I spent an hour or so in a cafe, working and recharging the laptop, whilst Mel went to inspect a stone circle just outside the town.

We are now on the southern side of the Ring of Kerry, which looks like it’s going to not live up to the hype, although our wild camp tonight can’t be sniffed at. We squeezed ourselves down an ever narrowing track to reach a small pier at the confusingly named Garinish. Confusing, because that was the same name as the place yesterday afternoon near the cable car. It’s not far across the other side of the Kenmare River, but it must confuse the posties. But despite that, it’s a lovely peaceful spot, with only a couple of fishermen out catching shrimps from small motor boats, and a coxed-four rowing back and forth on the near still water.

So, all in all a very relaxing day, and a nice dollop of sunshine too.

3 thoughts on “Kenmare, and Another Garinish

  1. Is that your wifi set up sticking out the top of the van?!!
    How you doing for height barriers and boulders across laybys? We got a bit fed-up with trying to find places to camp in SE Ireland.

    1. Liz, that was a telegraph pole that happened to be behind the van! I did see someone with what looked like a 20 foot long fishing pole strapped to a fence on a campsite which appeared to be being used to give extra height to a mobile phone antenna, so its not too far fetched.

      In SE Ireland it was harder to find camping spots that didn’t have some physical restriction, but we didn’t linger there very long. West of Cork it was much easier, rarely presenting a problem.

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