Killary Harbour, Clew Bay and Croagh Patrick

Killary Harbour is one of three fjords in Ireland. This one is 16kms long. My hopes were high for some stunning scenery, and to a large extent it was, but the quay near the mouth is the centre for some fairly untidy fishing activity, and knocks the overall feel of the place. Nearer the head its a lot more pretty.

This area is delightful. Really enjoyed it here and thoroughly recommend a visit if you’ve not been. The sun was obliging and poked through for much of the morning. We had a lovely drive through the mountains, alongside Loughs and out to meet the sea at Clew Bay.

The weather was tempting enough to encourage us to take a stab at Crough Patrick, a 750m hill on the south side of the bay, and a key pilgrimage site for Catholics. I’d read about it in a paper a couple of weeks ago, largely about the state of the path as it gets lots of visitors. However, I wasn’t prepared for the awful state it is in. I wasn’t expecting motorway, but this was an unconstructed one. Such a shame.

The sun, on cue, decided to disappear behind the clouds as we started the ascent. Cool air was not a bad thing as its devilishly steep. But the combination of a late start, deteriorating weather, and catching site of the cakes in the visitor centre cafe conspired to make us give up at 450m whilst we could still see what we were doing.

Even the cake turned out to be disappointing, if not well earned.

We headed to Westport for the night, a pleasant quay area a mile from the town and smartly renovated. After a restful night we headed into town, which is extensive and bustling, more than you might expect. Now to find a campsite.

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