Clifden, Letterfrack and Diamond Hill

So the weather has turned, and as I requested, we’ve got some nice blustery weather to contend with, which just makes it all the more exciting!

The part two nights have been spent next to lovely sandy beaches with the waves rolling in and the wind howling around the van. The scenery in this part of Connemara is stunning, despite the weather, or even perhaps because, but if the sun puts in an appearance it’ll be heavenly. Not dissimilar to the Scottish Highlands.

The rain eased enough to make a walk possible, so we stopped in Letterfrack (twinned with Numberwang) and visited the Connemara National Park. This has a nice choice of routes up Diamond Hill, all well groomed, although the top section gets steep so there are big steps to negotiate. About 400m of ascent. We romped up, overtaking everyone else who was buttoned up against the wind. So were we but no point in dawdling. What was advertised at a 2.5 hour walk was more like 1.5.

On top, the wind was whistling up the side of the hill, but in sheltered spots it was eerily calm, no crosswind, just a blast from the base of the hill. Sadly not a good view, the summit shrouded in low cloud, but you got a good sense of the surroundings.

Another hill to add to the list.

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