Leaving Venice

Our last day in Venice on Tuesday, so we took advantage of the sunshine for another wander around, obligatory pizza and wine for lunch in a restaurant beside the grand canal, followed by a trip by water bus through the canal, around the outside of the island, then a walk back through to the bus station whilst enjoying the also obligatory gelato.

Yesterday we headed north into the Dolomite mountains. The terrain changes quickly from flat to near vertical. We found a campsite near the Austrian border, some fun trying to get the van level as there is two metres of snow all over the place with only muddy tracks between. Should be ok for a couple of days though. Will try and get some walking in, glorious sunshine at the moment!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Venice

  1. Hallo Mel and Dave,sorry I dint send a note bbefore the weather here is verry Sunny.
    At last you left thos old buildings behind (NO NORE TIME AT THE MOMENT )

    Good luke Jan

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