March Challenge update

Oh where does the time go? I did make a list of ideas, over 20 in fact, but one can’t seem to get things clear in my head to post the darn things – no hope of them making sense to the dear reader, and probably to me at a later date either. A number of them will be put on simmer, in the hope that they will cook nicely and something will come out of it.

The combination of the Paleo diet and regular fitness activities has really paid dividends. I have now hit my target weight of 12 stones, and everything is looking and feeling a lot trimmer than before. I’m keeping the whole process up as part of the preparation for the June cycle ride across France. I’ve now had to take a gym membership as they have changed the rules and it works out less money to have a monthly membership rather than pay per visit. As I intend to go at least twice a week, I’ll get the value out of it. I desperately need to get back on the bike though, it’s been about 5 weeks since Dave’s Birthday ride – hopefully I can fit something in this weekend.

April is slightly devoid of a challenge still, apart from keeping going with the fitness, possibly sorting out a new bike (Specialized Tricross Sport looks favourite as a good all rounder) in time for June and of course the rest of the nice weather days, and trying to make progress with the organisation of the 10 Parishes Festival.

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