Mweenish Bay

This really is starting to get a bit silly now. I’m sure our ferry didn’t bring us to Ireland, but some far away tropical island! The weather is quite sublime, even by west coast of Ireland standards.

So, we make the most of it. Heading out of Galway town along the coast and into Connemara. The landscape changes, and gone are green riling hills of Clare, and we have something with more of a Scottish feel. Slightly bleak, bracken growing out of the bog that fills the spaces between large grey boulders. Boulders everywhere. Littering the landscape and used to make field boundaries. Chunky walls for the tiniest of fields, you can barely get a solitary cow in.

Our stop for the night a little quay on the edge of Mweenish bay, an expanse of white sand stretching across to Finish Island, largely derelict houses save for a few holiday cottages. A chap lives next to the Quay in a static caravan, and makes a living harvesting seaweed from the bay to sell to all sorts of far off lands. Laid back, he’s not at all bothered by our presence.

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