Bertraghboy Bay, Rounstone and Gorteen Bay

Clouds in the sky to start the day, but just enough to make the landscape moody, which seems to suit it. Boulder, bog and water around every bend.

Roundstone is a delightful little village, several cafes, restaurants, pubs and B&B’s, but being a Monday most are closed for the day. We settle for a walk towards to the old monastery and the craft centre, but only a small potter open. We spy a little track that look like it should be public, so head off for a little walk out to the edge of the bay, finding a lovely little boulder strewn white sand beach. So peaceful. The water in the bay like a mirror reflecting the sky, all the better now the sun has poked through.

We head off from Roundstone, the hills of Connemara behind us and come to Gorteen Bay, a most fabulous arc of straw coloured sand. The sky is blue, the waters crystal clear, and there’s a campsite overlooking it all.

We decide to stop for the night, due a top up after 3 nights in the wild. I settle down to work, sitting in the sunshine, trying not to be distracted by the beautiful view or the occasional family, seemly always French, having a jolly time on the beach. Mel decides to get some exercise and walks around the bay, the headland and into Dog Bay.

Will this be all of the good weather. The forecast now looks not so good, but my we an hardly complain after nearly 4 weeks of the most sublime weather. Let’s hope the forecast is wrong though. If it’s going to be wet, I’d rather it be stormy than just flat grey. Them Atlantic waves could be a great thrill to watch.

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