Patterns in the Sand

[![Bottle Top Emerging from the Sand in Unison](×481.jpg “Bottle Top Emerging from the Sand in Unison”)]( “Bottle Top Emerging from the Sand in Unison”)
Bottle Top Emerging from the Sand in Unison

A couple of pictures of the effects of wind and sand. The first is three bottle caps which appeared to have emerged all in unison from the sand, each at almost precisely the same angle and with the same pattern of sand on the lee side.

[![Tyre Tracks Disappearing into the Dune](×481.jpg “Tyre Tracks Disappearing into the Dune”)]( “Tyre Tracks Disappearing into the Dune”)
Tyre Tracks Disappearing into the Dune

The second picture is of tyre tracks, probably a quad bike, which had obviously been zooming around at some point, but as you may be able to make out, the tracks disappear under the advancing sands, here about 3 feet higher than the tracks. Question is, how long does it take for such a height difference to accumulate. Were these track left earlier today, this week, or a month ago. These tracks were in a hollow, so sheltered at this point, but other identical tracks could still be seen on the exposed sand, softened by the wind but still discernible. All quite fascinating, and somewhat humbling to think of an object that’s probably about the size of Wiveliscombe’s Maundown Hill wandering around the landscape.

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