Pembroke to Rosslare Ferry

Ahh, another ferry. It didn’t take long before my mind was filled with the lilting tones of Rod Stewart’s ‘We are sailing’, until I remembered the rest of the lyrics and it’s more pertinent for the return leg of the journey. So I’ll settle for ‘Do you think I’m sexy’ instead. Didn’t feel very sexy in the stiff breeze up on deck.

The drive up from Somerset was fairly straightforward, and right on queue the heavens opened no sooner had we crossed into Wales. Fortunately that didn’t last long, and after considering a visit to IKEA Cardiff, we decided on making a run to the ferry terminal to see if we could get today’s sailing. Which obviously we did!

A nice calm crossing though, most agreeable, helped by a nice bit of roast port from the onboard restaurant. I even managed to get a couple of hours work in, thanks to the free onboard wifi.

By the time we docked and got back on the road, the sun was already into setting behind some clouds way out west, and our first port of call for a bit of wildcamping, at Kilmore Quay, drew a blank as there were already a few campers taking the only spots, and we were denied entry to the carpark by a height restriction.

We wandered on, around the edge of Ballytiege Bay, until we got to Cullenstown, and found a lovely level bit of parking overlooking the sea. There was just enough light to have a quick skip along the beach before returning to the van for supper.

Checking the forecast (via the lovely 4G signal) it actually looks like we might be in luck with the weather, as there is practically no rain forecast for the next week at least, and fair temperatures. Even the threat of sunshine.

Now, what might tomorrow bring?

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  1. Glad you arrived safely ,and that the crossing was calm. Weather forecast sounds good too! We look forward to some stunning photos. Love you lots. Mum and Tony. xxxx

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