Autumnal adventures: The Emerald Isle

After what’s been an interesting and multi-faceted summer, we finally get to the point in time when we can set off again for a slightly longer term adventure. In our sights, Ireland!

We’ve pushed off from the shores of Watchet, this time a little tinge of sadness to leave behind our regular summer mooring looking out over the Bristol Channel, bathed in sunshine this afternoon. Not very far to go today, just as far as Langport for supper with Mel’s parents and to drop off some things.

Next stop will be Pembrokeshire, and look for a weather window to get a calmer crossing over to Rosslaire. Hopefully that will be Friday this week, but even if we ended up spending a few days in Pembrokeshire it would hardly be a hardship. I’ve never been, and I don’t think Mel has been for a long time, so it will still make for some interesting exploring.

As ever, once the wheels start rolling, I start writing and taking more photos, so you should start to see some more regular updates here!

Our intention is to head around the south and west coast of Ireland, probably dipping into and out of the interior to escape the worst of the weather. If you know of any must-see parts of the country, do send me an email or leave a comment and let us know where we must see. We’ve got about 6 weeks on the move, so plenty of time to explore. See you all again soon!

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  1. Hi Mel and Dave,we hope that you two will have a very good time,we love to do the same bud OAP dont pay to well,and not to much of that brown stuf (love it my self to much). Have a safe X-ing XXX Jan and Joan

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