The Bridge of Ross, Kilkee and Doolin

Blink and you could of missed it, but as we departed from loop head, there was a sign to The Bridge of Ross. So we headed that way. On arrival at the carpark, and looking knot the small bay, you’d would have been excused for thinking ‘what bridge’?

It was only the fact the sun was shining and we fancies a bit of a walk that we followed a path around one side of the bay. And then it got interesting.

Lovely slabs of rock, bent and folded, with cracks forced through by the sea, and then, there was the bridge, a rock arch and little bay beyond. Quite lovely in fact.

Moving on we drove along some nice picturesque coastline that gave way to the Cliffs of Kilkee. Alas, I failed to get a photo, but trust me, it was one of the more scenic stretches. Short, but sweet.

Our stop for the night is a campsite in Doolin. Now I’ve never heard of the place, but it’s quite the hive of tourist activity, but not in an overly touristy way. There’s a buzzing hostel, and several lovely pubs with live music, allegedly every night of the week. You may be wondering why here, but it’s probably because the Cliffs of Moher art just up the road. Never heard of them? Me neither!

We stopped in one for a quick pint, then resolved to stay on for at least one extra night.

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