The Cliffs of Moher

A lovely sunny day. Gosh we are lucky with the weather. I’m sure we got on a ferry to Ireland, but I’m starting to wonder.

A day however to catch up on the washing and a bit of work. Mel even did some for a change, both sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. What a lovely office to have.

But come later afternoon we downed tools for a romp along the cliffs to try and sneak a peak at the Cliffs of Moher. And it was definitely worth it. Barely a swell on the sea but some nice waves crashing against the sheer face of the cliffs, spray rising high into the air made for a nice atmospheric site.

Leaving it late in the day was well worth it, especially on this lovely sunny day, to enjoy the colours on the rocks. We lingered until sunset, then walked the road back to Doolin, and a quick pint in one of the pubs for an industrious and satisfying day.

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