The Burren

Another sunny start to the day as we headed off from Doolin, following the coast road around the edge of The Burren. It’s Kaste Limestone, vast sheets of stone that have been fractured and weathered into a most bizarre sight.

As we got to Black Head to turn along the Galway Bay, we were greeted by an enormous fog bank stretching off out to see. We cut back across the Burren towards Corrofin, and before too long we were back out of the fog and into the sunshine. Which was lucky or Poulnabrone Tomb would have been a bit grey. This one of the famous megalithic sites in Ireland.

We cut again across from Corrofin towards Gort, hoping to get close to the hills for a walk. Finding parking was difficult, but after braving a few narrow roads we found a parking spot for a nature walk that lead us up towards Slievecarran, the second highest peak in the area, and our first proper hill since we’ve been here. Always nice to get up on a high point.

We eventually got to the cairn on the summit a little before the sun dipped behind the western hills of the Burren, and were rewarded with a fine view across Galway Bay and inland for probably 40-50 miles.

In order not to be stumbling around in the dark we hot footed it back down to the van, and then relocated to a quay on the edge of the bay for the night.


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