The Col de Portalet

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The end of the drive was the Col de Portalet, which also marks the border between France and Spain. Around the Col is a lovely soft, rolling valley with sharp peaks defining the edge. The light was great and we considered stopping there for the night. Unfortunately on the French side there were signs prohibiting overnight campers. I walked across the border to see what was what – no such signs on the Spanish side, just a hell of a lot of retail for such an out of the way place. It’s probably popular with walkers though, but it could have given Clarks Village in Somerset a run for it’s money!

By the time I got back to the van I was frozen – the temperature had plummeted once the sun slipped behind the hill. A quick check of the thermometer revealed 6 degrees, so hardly a freeze but it would probably have confined to drop. There were little frozen puddles here and there.

Time to head back down, and we stopped the night in Laruns which makes it easier to head up to the Col d’Aubisque today. More cycling adventures to be had!

2 thoughts on “The Col de Portalet

  1. I am mightily impressed with yesterdays endeavours – I knew you cycled but I didn’t appreciate that you aimed vertically. Please tell me Mel didn’t go along with you, I couldn’t bear it if you were both that fit!

    How is Mel’s sculpting progressing, is it working out well in the van? Some photos?

    Just to cheer you up, this morning it is pouring with rain, it’s 9am and isn’t properly light yet – I need the bedside light on just to read the newspaper and drink my tea and there is a gale blowing outside – I was going to go for a run, but reading your blog has exhausted me…..

    Enjoy the Southern coast of France, I wish I was there.

  2. Yes, I have recently learnt to enjoy the rough stuff and well as the smooth! It was actually part of the objective of this trip – to travel longer distance off road, to go for a walk with a bike, to take the path less travelled. I’m working up to an overnighter – I have the tent with me!

    Mel is quite fit, just choosing not to come on these trips, plus we only have one off-road bike, otherwise maybe. She is not so fast up the hills as me, but can do the same distance.

    Mel is doing a bit of work, a few things on the go. Moving around every day is limiting working time for both of us, so will probably try and slow down a bit and stay for 2-3 nights at a time minimum. Haven’t really found the sort of spot where we feel inclined to do that yet!

    I will try and get some pics of the sculptures, as I say, nothing finished yet, and she is tending to work when I go off for a ride.

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