The One With The Towering Inferno

The nice thing about living in a Motorhome is that you get an unlimited supply of other ‘gardens’ to enjoy, whether they are part of a campsite or somewhere nearby, like the beach at St. Andries Bay, just below our current campsite. Last night we invited some chums over for a BBQ, and given that there were 6 of us, likely to be raucous, and small children in adjacent pitches, we took advantage of the local amenities and headed for the beach.

We got a fabulous sunset, perfect balmy temperatures late into the evening, and some BBQ competition from people further down the beach. Look carefully in the picture over Neil’s shoulder and you’ll see the towering inferno down the beach. Comparing the height of flames against the people standing around it, they must have been 30 feet high! But it’s not size that counts, or so they keep telling me.

We had a fabulous evening, it was raucous, we had a great laugh, some quite literally pissed themselves, Angie messed her shoes, then fell over fortunately without major damage, and there was some unseemly giggling as we returned to the pitch and tried to get people back in the car to go home. I’m surprised we weren’t asked to leave, but its probably no worse than those leaving the bar after karaoke.

I’m not complaining, for this is what great memories are made of!

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