The One Where The Tide Came In

I went for a walk along the beach this afternoon, in part to find out what last nights inferno consisted of (driftwood and tree stump by the looks of things), and got caught out by the high tide. First I could only go so far towards East Quantocks head because the end of the bay was already cut off the by those, and when I got back to the Home Farm end, I was cut off from the steps leading back to the site.

Fortunately there are steps to the St. Audries Bay site next door, although two old ladies I passed on the steps said the links between the two was now barred by a high, locked gate. I investigate and luckily the padlock was off so I could get through, otherwise it would have been a couple of miles walk back to the main road, along the main road, and back down the Home Farm drive.

Coming into the site from the back end, so to speak, meant I could investigate the bill which has a stone circle on top. I don’t think it authentic (I.e. ancient), but its a charming spot nonetheless, with a nice view out across the Bristol Channel. It’s been a little cloudier today, but the sun is still very strong when it comes out and it’s still very warm, so it’s been a bit of a relief really.

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