The Wonders of Technology at Christmas

Well of course it had to happen, and I don’t want to suggest that we don’t appreciate the sentiments of those who have sent us e-Cards this Christmas. What a wonderful use of technology, and at least in a small space we won’t need to put up bits of ribbon to attach them to the walls of the van! I have to say though its very difficult to read some of these cards unless you have a personal connection to the internet to rival Google, given that they often use that bloated and outdated technology known as Adobe Flash (which makes it impossible on the iPad). It could be New Year before some of the cards finish downloading.

You all know what a scrooge I can be at this time of the year. One reason to get away from it all!

It makes me hark back to olden days of the telegram though. Wouldn’t it be great if…

> Thank you for your Christmas Card STOP
> Your warm wishes were greatly appreciated STOP
> The design was so cute and inspiring STOP
> No really STOP
> Just STOP

3 thoughts on “The Wonders of Technology at Christmas

  1. Thank god I haven’t sent your e-card yet!

    Consider this very warmest Christmas wishes and we look forward to seeing you when you get back. If you need a warm/dry/stationary bed before you head home you know where we are.

    ….and yes, ‘my large’ does sound smutty.

    1. Wow, what a quick reply! Oh don’t get me wrong, those eCards are so warmly received! I just love being a scrooge about them!

      And thanks, we may well take you up on the bed offer on the return journey. Do I take its therefore that you’ve yet to pursued Rob to go for the lifestyle change, or have you just decided that Campervans are not the thing?

      1. Ok, so I will send you the card I have carefully prepared for your amusement.

        Rob is very close to giving the final ‘go ahead’ for the planned trip – we have decided that it will be our honeymoon! So if we get married in May we will leave immediately after the wedding, well after the party, and head for Europe in the vanjazzler as it is now called. Therefore we are providing ourselves with an excuse to bugger off for 6 months – good idea huh!

        Only thing we need to sort out is; the wedding, the guest list, the route, decide what type of van, buy the van and last but not least – how the hell we are going to pay for it all….oh and get Rob to say yes. Easy.

        We look forward to offering you bed and breakfast on your return journey, just let us know the date.

        E-card on it’s way.

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