We’ll miss you Ireland

Rather late in filing this report, but repatriation tends to soak up time.

We had a very pleasant last evening in Ireland, a walk around the nature reserve at Raven Point, and a chance to watch the sun set on our latest adventure. Ireland has been very enjoyable, possibly one of the best trips we’ve done, helped by the friendly people, gorgeous scenery and most of all from some of the luckiest weather. Four weeks of beautiful clear and dry days is pretty much unheard of on the west coast.

Just as we were admiring that last sunset, and speculating about what we would do with Christmas and the New Year, we got a phone call that decided it for us. Our tenants are leaving, and so we’ll be back in the house for Christmas! So there’s a change of scene!

The timing is actually pretty good, it’ll give us the chance to do some much needed maintenance to the garden and exterior of the house, and no doubt the interior will need some freshening up. Also, we’ll be able to further reduce the stuff we have in store so we are in a better position to continue with the location independent lifestyle. We aren’t done with that yet!

It’s also going to be great to catch up with friends we’ve not seen enough of over the last two and a half years.

In the meantime, we are now back in Watchet for a couple of weeks, and then we’ll be basing ourselves in Bath for a month. It’s going to be really interesting to see what city life is like for a while. Hoping to make the most of the entertainment on the doorstep.

I looked back on photos from this year, and realised that whilst we’ve not been on any long term adventures this year, we’ve certainly had a very varied time. What will next year bring?

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