Wicklow Mountains

Moving south, tired of piles of stones and mounds of earth, we skirt Dublin on the M50, wondering if the electronic tolls apply to us.

A lovely sunny day, and the sun low in the sky as we wind our way towards the Sully Gap. It’s meant to be bleak up here, and they aren’t wrong. It’s like a hillier version of Dartmoor with the interesting bits removed. But the views are pretty special all the same, enhanced by mist and the sun filtered by whispy cloud.

2 thoughts on “Wicklow Mountains

  1. Hey Dave,

    Yes the electronic toll on the M50 does indeed apply to you. It applies to all non exempt vehicles. You can pay for the toll online on http://www.eflow.ie. https://www.eflow.ie/i-want-to/pay-a-toll/

    If you use the M50 infrequently and may possibly forget to pay then I suggest you sign up for the eFlow video account. https://www.eflow.ie/i-want-to/open-an-account/ It has no monthly maintenance fee and you’ll save 50c on every M50 toll journey. If you travel around Ireland in your camper and pass through all Irish toll roads a lot then why not sign up for a Tag account? a Tag will give you access to all the express lanes at the different toll plazas and the money will just come out of your nominated account every month. No need to rummage for change each time you want to use a toll. You will get €1.00 off every M50 journey too 🙂

    Let me know if you need any help.


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