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First Proper Cycle Trip After France

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Click Here for the Full Interactive Map Finally managed to get out on the bike for a decent ride on Saturday, the first proper trip since returning from Eurovelo 6. Peddled over to meet up with Jones, had a spot of lunch at his, and then off we went. Pleasant pub stop in Withypool, and always a treat to return… Read more »

July Challenge – Touring in Wales

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Click Here for the Full Interactive Map I’ve now devised the next challenge. At the end of July, I will be cycling from Newport to Holyhead, mostly via National Cycle Route 8. As an antidote to the Eurovelo 6, this will have Lots more hills Less delightful weather (I suspect) I will be camping, not hoteling I will be on… Read more »

Perfect Weather + Perfect Company = Great Weekend

Sometimes, the impromptu things in life can work out to be the most entertaining. No preconceived or planned ideas of what is going to happen leads to pleasant surprises. This weekend we had to head to Plymouth to deliver some of Mel’s sculptures, so we thought we would call Nick & Gillie to see if they were free. They had… Read more »

Cycling Diet Tips

      2 Comments on Cycling Diet Tips Cycling Diet Tips | Bicycling Magazine Even Joe Friel, who relentlessly advocated carbohydrates in his training bible series of books, has done a 180, turning his back on starches and relying instead on vegetables, fruits and lean meats as fuel. Consider this our effort to correct myths and misconceptions you’ve been exposed to over the years. Follow this advice,… Read more »