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> Even Joe Friel, who relentlessly advocated carbohydrates in his training bible series of books, has done a 180, turning his back on starches and relying instead on vegetables, fruits and lean meats as fuel. Consider this our effort to correct myths and misconceptions you’ve been exposed to over the years. Follow this advice, and you won’t just live lean. You’ll also be able to ride longer on less food and never bonk.

Something I’ve noticed for myself. High carb diets lead to bonking when doing endurance exercise. Low carb diets do not. It can be hard to stay away from the accepted doctrine of carbs equals fuel, and it’s a mistake I still make too often. However, I’m kicking my Paleo principles back into high gear over the coming weeks as I try to right a few wrongs that have crept in since doing the France trip. I’m planning a hillier, more loaded trip for a few days in Wales at the end of the month, and I’m keen to see how the body performs under a more Paleo-centric approach.

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