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I said ‘Lets walk’, she said ‘yes let’s’, I said ‘Beach’, she said ‘Sure’, we walked, not much conversation, just enjoying the sunshine and the crashing waves, and the sand, so much sand, and the shipwreck and the sand, and I said ‘Half way’ and she said ‘Another half an hour’ and I said ‘Ok’ and there was more sand… Read more »

Sunsets and Tossers

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Well here’s another one of those lovely sunsets. I had intended for the man in the bottom left hand corner to be there for scale and interest – he was fishing – but as I took the shot he adopted a position that in my feverish state of excitement this evening seems to suggest he was ‘cracking one off’ but… Read more »

Pizza Express Anyone?

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I’ve seen this quaint abbreviation of the word Pizza before in France, and always thought it a slightly unfortunate turn of phrase likely to put off the English, but the combination of ‘sand’ and ‘pizz’ takes that to a new level. I’m not sure whether I’d prefer thin-crust or deep-pan (or should that be skin-crust and bed-pan). Oh the joys… Read more »

It Could Have Been a Levi’s Ad

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Sorry for the lack of compelling content the last couple of days, I know you are all on the edges of your seats for the next thrilling instalment of “Dave and Mel – A Space Oddity” (“Here I am, sitting in a tin can”). We’ve been taking a couple of lazy days to do chores (work etc.), one of which… Read more »

Nothing to See Here, Except Facial Hair

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Not much to report today. Weather misty for most of the morning do we sat around doing not a lot, then I spent the afternoon getting work projects out of the way, enjoying the sun streaming through the window, once it made an appearance. Mel did a BT of sculpting and then went for a walk on the beach.