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Farindola – The First Supper

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The routine is now established. Breakfast, sunbathe whilst reading, sunbathe whilst listening to podcasts, work, lunch, siesta, work, walk. 5 miles walk today in a loop through the hills following the road. Gorgeous views across the hills and down towards Pescara and the sea. It was a quick pace, so very sweaty, but a nice cool shower once back at… Read more »

Farindola Walk 1

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My first exploration from our accommodation, I finally mustered myself about 5:30 as the heat of the day started to subside. Yesterday was just acclimatisation. Basically hanging out, getting some work done, and a wander around the town, but not too far. I had intended on getting out early today, but I really needed to catch up on some sleep,… Read more »

Cambridge, again

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Well, really not much time to see Cambridge, a quick walk around the more obvious sights, and a quick look at the Turner exhibition in the Fitzwilliam Gallery. Punting looked more interesting by the time more punters (so to speak) were on the water and causing chaos. Next stop, Italy.


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Well, the adventure begins, and did so in style yesterday with much pish and piddle and a wasted day sitting in the car. What should have been 5 hours at the outside turned into more like 9 hours. Just slow traffic due to the incessant rain. But eventually we got to drop off the sculptures, too late to install them… Read more »

After 2 Years, I’m Wearing a Watch Again

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Yes, I succumbed! Well, not much surprise there. Actually, not that hard a decision, I was happy to wait a bit till launch frenzy and shortages died down, and was able to just walk into Apple Exeter on Saturday and get straight to a try on and purchase without any hassle. I’d already been for a try-on appointment about a… Read more »