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Tideswell, Monk’s Dale, Miller’s Dale and Tides Dale Loop

The morning spent on domestics like tidying up, emptying and refilling tanks etc, we headed a little south to Tideswell by lunchtime. A quick snack in the van, and then we set off on a route provided by The Walking Englishman to take in a different perspective On the Peak’s, that of its Dales. I wasn’t quite on the all… Read more »

A Shorter Walk From Castleton – Cave Dale, The Winnats and Mam Tor Landslip

After yesterday’s exertions on the ridge above Castleton, today was a more relaxed affair. Mel had some adverts to design and get off to magazines, so the morning was relaxed, just hanging about in the van. Once the work was out of the way, it was time to get out again and enjoy the sunshine. We thought we would take… Read more »

Castleton to Edale Ridge Walk via Jacob’s Ladder and the Pennine Way

A 16 mile ridge walk through some lovely countryside in the Peak District. The first picture encompasses the route – out along the ridge which loops around across the top of the picture, back down the brown hill on the far right to Edale, and then back across the valley, and over the ridge into Castleton. Up and raring to… Read more »

The One With The Sale of One Postcard

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Glorious Weekend. Well, the weather anyway. As for Mel’s craft fair, it was a complete washout. One postcard sold over two days. Begs the question, ‘when does anyone bother to go to a craft fair’? Perhaps it has to be precisely 22.5 degrees with light cloud. We finally managed to peel ourselves of our friends driveway, temporary base for the… Read more »

The Wivey Way, A 20 Mile Circular Walk Around Wiveliscombe, Somerset

Our big day for a big walk, The Wivey Way, a 20 mile circular walk around the Somerset town of Wiveliscombe. Wivey has been our home for the last 14 years, and we are now, albeit temporarily, leaving it for a life on the road. Travel and adventure on a slightly larger scale. And what a fitting way of saying goodbye to Wivey but to take the opportunity to view it from every angle. We were blessed with great weather, not too hot, and as luck would have it, our fellow walkers homes were alongside the route so suitable pitstops were easily at hand.

The One Where We Soiled The Pub Carpet

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Click Here for the Full Interactive Map Whatever your best intentions, training for some slightly arduous task can so easily get diverted (in my case often by friends offering alcohol). But we might as well seize those opportunities when they come along. Still, it does leave something of a deficit in the training column, and whilst I’m sure I’ll survive,… Read more »

The One With The Shorter Than Expected Walk

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What with the proposed Wivey Way walk on Sunday, and after a day stuck in the van working on the Festival Guide, I decided I had to get out for a walk. Another lovely sunny evening, another walk out to that field of barley from the other day, but this time I was able to walk out into the middle… Read more »


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Another weekend away, this time for an Art and Craft Exhibition at Sherborne Castle. Not very inspiring from Mels point of view, stuck in a marquee for the best part of the day with punters unwilling to part with much in the way of cash. Probably not the right sort of event really for her work, but always worth a… Read more »

Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

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We went our for the day, taking Caroline along as well, and visited Sidmouth to drop off some sculptures at a gallery, unexpected running into Mel’s aunt and uncle with whom we stopped for lunch. We then went onto Delamore for the preview afternoon of its sculpture garden which runs for the rest of May. On the way home we… Read more »