Going On New Adventures Driving Slowly – G.O.N.A.D.S.

Our Home for the Next Year

Our Home for the Next Year

And in the beginning there was an idea, and low, it was told that they were bonkers, but after much toil and strife, it did come to pass and it was so…

It’s taken far longer than we thought, but at last there is light at the end of the tunnel and a sunset on the horizon – we’ve let our house and will very soon be one the open road again for new adventures! In three weeks time we’ll be locking the door of the house for the last time for a year if not more. A new family will be moving in and hopefully getting as much joy from the Wivey area as we have over the last 14 years. We’ll be very sorry to leave it behind, but the temptation of new adventures is a little too tempting to let it pass!

We won’t be too far away. Mel has plenty of exhibitions lined up for the rest of the summer, some very local (like the [10 Parishes Festival](http://10parishesfestival.org.uk)) and some slightly further afield (Warkwickshire, Nottinghamshire), and I’m going to try and find something meaningful to do with my time. I suspect the first few months will be sorting out a few little niggles on the motorhome and hopefully getting back to exercise after being stuck inside doing the renovations for the last year. The bicycle and the walking boots both beckon (and sometimes at the same time!).

Mel is also taking a studio space at a new project on Watchet Harbour called [Contains Art](http://www.containsart.co.uk), which are converted shipping containers that will be used as art gallery and studio spaces. That will provide a base for Mel to work from when she needs a little extra space than the van (motorhome) provides. We’re also quite keen to hear from people who want a little house sitting, anything from a few days to more. Happy to take care of the animals too if you have any!

People keep asking what how we’ll refer to our lifestyle – well gypo’s, pikies, travellers etc, all far too derogatory for my liking – nomads is perhaps going to be nearer the mark. Gonads, if you want something ruder and more to my sense of humour!

Really, looking forward to it, now I must get back to sorting out the shit of ages that’s accumulated in various parts of the house and outbuildings over the years!

3 thoughts on “Going On New Adventures Driving Slowly – G.O.N.A.D.S.

  1. Go boy!
    Seriously – I think what you are doing is really cool
    I couldn’t live in a motor home but here’s to you and Mel and new adventures GONADS indeed!!!

  2. Hi Mel and Dave,have a very good time we agree with Andy we like the comforts of home to much

  3. We are very envious and wish you both well on your adventures!

    Toby and Teresa (photo group from a while back!)

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