ChocoTheme 2013

I’ve been looking for a new layout for this site for at least the last couple of years, but its always been a question of finding the time, and the inspiration. I’ve wanted it to be clean and easy to read, somewhat minimalist, and compatible with all of the content and plugins that the site uses. Not too much to ask.

WordPress 3.8 has just been released, and along with it the latest bundled theme, known as Twenty Fourteen. Its a magazine style layout, and its largely fitting the bill. I’m going to try it on for a few days, and see how I like it, and what feedback I get from you.

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  1. Hi Mel and Dave ,the weather in Italy looks a lot better than here, no more trouble with the van at the moment , orr better not ask that?. Weather here will be weth over X-mas .I have to get used to the new layout .Good luke and a good time Jan and Joan

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