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Reedham Ferry

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As I left Reedham, I was surprised that the sat nav asked my if I wanted to avoid a ferry. I was interested what this entailed so as it as just down the road went to investigate. A tiny little thing, a squeeze to get the van onto, but charming nonetheless. It seems that you HAVE to take a picture… Read more »

Arrived Safely in Civitavecchia

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We slept well overnight and woke to find our selves sailing through the gap between Corsica and Sardinia. The crossing was perfectly calm throughout, like the proverbial mill pond. We only had to endure the rest of the day in the ships lounge which has the worlds most uncomfortable seats. Very few other people bothered joining us. There weeny many… Read more »

Still Here

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As you can see the cheesy lounge singer is really packing the place out. In fairness, most of the other passengers are lorry drivers and they have sensibly gone to bed, or are propping up a less cheesy bar. It’s now 45 minutes after the published sailing time and we are still docked, although it did appear that the captain… Read more »

Grimaldi Lines from Barcelona to Civitavecchia

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If there is a definition for ‘shower of shit’ then the experience so far of Grimaldi Lines is it, and I’ve not even got on the ferry yet. Just stood for 45 minutes waiting to be served in the ticket office whilst they helped dimwits as slowly as they could, then it took all of 10 seconds to issue the… Read more »

Life on the Ocean Wave

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Well, we made it. A moderately eventful crossing. The channel crossing was a little choppy with not too much swell, but once we got around the end of Brittany it all got somewhat more interesting. Enough to decide that food was not so important and that lying horizontally in darkened room was probably a good idea. The whole ship seemed… Read more »

Setting Sail for Foreign Lands

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We’ll, here we are again, waiting for a ferry to take us to faraway lands. This time, a 26 hour voyage to Santander in Northern Spain. The weather looks fine at the moment, but there is a force 5-6 forecast for the crossing so it should get quite interesting. No doubt no internet on board so radio silence should be… Read more »