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Channel 2 Channel – Day 1

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Here we go again, galavanting across the countryside on foot! This time, linking the Bristol Channel to the English Channel. Three days it should take at a moderate pace, Mel and I accompanied by Kate and Caroline. The day had an ominous and foreboding start with rain, but no sooner did we don boots at Watchet but the skies dried… Read more »

April Roundup

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Last day of the month, cracking weather, so a good excuse to get out and try and up the average for the month. I set off from Watchet, along the coast at low tide, heading east towards Kilve. The beach here is fascinating, constantly changing but a geologists dream. A big group of what appeared to be geology students lurked… Read more »

The Length of the Quantocks

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Here’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and never before felt up to. Walking the length of the Quantocks in a day. Getting a beach, hills, sunshine, pretty clouds and a castle (hotel) into the same day might seem excessive, but that’s all on offer with this one. Mind you I wasn’t feeling on top of… Read more »

Somerset Shines

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Just to proved that Somerset can be as idyllic as some other places recently visited, here’s a couple of snaps from the last week. Mind you, it’s blowing a houlli at the moment. This month turns out to be a record breaker for steps taken. I’ll share the details tomorrow once the month is over. It’s gonna make April tough.

West Somerset Coast Path – Watchet to Minehead

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A gorgeous day for a walk, what if intended to be a comfortable 10 miles along the coast to Minehead, part training for Amanda’s charity walk from Somerset to Leicester in June, following the Fosse Way. Mel and Amanda were along for this walk too, and the weather pulled off a perfect Spring day. A little hazy out to sea,… Read more »

Back on Home Ground

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After 5 months, 7 countries, 7 ferries and 4,500 miles of driving, we finally return to where we started, Hellwell Bay at Watchet. The suns shining, the sea looks lovely, and after a few pints of distinctly English ale last night, I can’t complain that the travels have come to an end for now. I’m sure we’ll get to explore… Read more »

Helwell Bay Campsite, Watchet

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We finally went yo stay at this site on the edge of Watchet, very convenient for Mel to get to the studio. It’s a no frills site, but a great spot, literally spitting distance to the sea, and we’ll be back there again next week, and probably for longer before we head off for our winter trip. Kevin McCloud’s latest… Read more »